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The golden brown crust on a potato gratin. The dark brown crust on a beef fillet. The soft taste of a rich chocolate cake. Always achieving uniform results again requires accurately controlled heat that is consistently distributed throughout the furnace. Unlike standard ovens, the advanced fan technology of the SurroundCook oven ensures that each dish receives exactly the right amount of heat. Evenly. Consistent. Where the dishes are. Whether it is one or more dishes. You do not have to turn dishes around halfway. Only the results that meet your expectations. Every time.

AEG MaxiKlasse ™ oven with the largest interior space and baking tray in its class.
Multifunctional hot air oven
Oven space: 72 liters
Easy-to-clean email
Countersinkable control buttons
Isofront® cool oven door
Stain-free stainless steel
Temperature adjustable from 50 ° C - 275 ° C
Power grill: 1700 W
Net oven contents (L): 72
Sound level (dB (A)): 43
Size of largest baking sheet (cm²): 1424
Grill Yes
Gross capacity 72 L
Size 594 x 595 x 567 mm
Weight 44 kg

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