AEG BPK556220M SteamBake

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AEG BPK556220M SteamBake

In addition to all the standard oven functions, the SteamBake function generates steam at the beginning of the baking process. As a result, the dough remains moist on the surface, the baked goods get a golden and tasty crust and the inside stays soft and tender. In addition to crispy and delicious breads, muffins and cakes, you'll also get similar delicious results and even cooking results for roast chicken, grilled ribs and lasagna.

SteamBake oven with added moisture
soft closing
MaxiKlasse ™ with extra large cooking space
Retractable gag with stainless steel caps
Electronic clock with timer functions
Electronic temperature control
Temperature range from 30 ° C - 300 ° C
Core temperature sensor
Suggested temperature
Residual heat indicator and usage
Automatic shutdown for oven
Door contact switch for light
Easy cleaning door and equipment
Smooth inner walls made of Longclean enamel
Suspension grille with insertion aid
Door glazing: SafeToTouch Top
Types of heating: bottom heat, top / bottom heat, thawing, grill level 1, humidity circulating air, pizza level, hot air with ring heating element, hot air with ring heater Plus, circulating air grilling
Antifinger stainless steel coating
Parental control: Curious, adventurous children are in themselves something beautiful. But please not at the oven. Therefore, the child safety device prevents the device from being accidentally put into operation.
Baking table and display of the shelf levels
Cooling fan: All stoves and ovens have a cooling fan, which cools the exhaust air of the oven for about 5 to 7 minutes before leaving the oven and after switching off the oven.
Rapid heating switchable
Halogen oven lighting, 40 watts
Accessories: 1 baking tray, 1 drip pan, 1 combi roast
Automatic fan shut-off at door opening
Demo mode
Energy efficiency class: A + (spectrum A +++ - D)
Cleaning: Pyrolytic self-cleaning
Temperature range: 30 ° C - 300 ° C
Net volume of oven (L): 71
Grill Yes
Gross capacity 71 L
Pyrolytic cleaning Yes
Size 594 x 595 x 567 mm
Weight 37 kg

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