AEG BSE772380M SteamCrisp

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AEG BSE772380M SteamCrisp

The SteamCrisp® 7000 oven adds steam to traditional oven heat for succulent roasts and juicy, crunchy vegetables.

Built-in oven
Energy class:
Fingerprint-free stainless steel surface
3 baking levels
Quick heat up function
Core thermometer
Automatic temperature recommendation
Memory function - for frequently used settings
Weight-sensing baking programs
Electronic temperature control
Child lock: prevents the device from being switched on accidentally.
Auto power off function
Residual heat display
Touch control
Electronics features: 160 variety of pre-set cooking programs "Assist" (weight / food sensor / Steam), 3 Favorites, pyrolytics (3 cycles), 31 Languages, beep, auto off (oven only), adjustable beep, Check Result ( Finish Assist by remaining 10% duration), child lock, oven light (can be switched on), actual temperature display, residual heat display (° C), residual heat consumption, fermentation, service code, switch-off clock (daily time), tank emptying, temperature recommendation, clock (daily time), water hardness, electronic door lock, optional quick warm-up, meat thermometer, meat thermometer with auto off, meat thermometer with temperature display, meat thermometer with temperature display, keep warm (up to 65 degrees), key tone, language selection, main switch, 3-day memory, minute minder, officerclock style adjustable, programmed baking, programmed baking, demo mode, descaling, adjustable display brightness, Display Full color TFT touch 95x35mm, electronic temperature control
Halogen lighting
Oven light - switches on automatically when the door is opened
The fan stops automatically when the door is opened
Cooling fan: The cooling fan starts automatically when the oven is switched on. Cools electronic components and exterior.
Oven trays: 1 gray enameled baking tray, 1 gray enameled grease tray
Grills: 1 chrome grill
Demo mode
Cable length: 1.5 m
Cleaning: pyrolytic cleaning,
Baking range: 30-300C
Oven net capacity (l): 71 l
Door: easy to remove door, soft closing, Soft Opening
Energy class: A ++
Other features
Baking mode: hot air supply + steam
Grill type: traditional, fixed
Baking functions: Au gratin tanning, bottom baking, bread baking, traditional baking, defrosting, rising, drying, semi-finished food, grill, low humidity, keeping warm, blowing hot air, pizza, plate heating, preserving, slow baking, steam regeneration, steam recovery
Display type: PUX
Oven door: Logo glass, Smiley cut-out big, U-shaped insert
Plug connector: Yes
Oven lighting: yes, 2 pcs, 1 halogen bulb, halogen bulb above
Grill in the oven: Chrome guide grilles, Chrome guide grilles, EasyEntry
Other accessories: 1 level baking rail
Accessories: 1 gray enameled baking tray, 1 gray enameled grease tray
Grills: 1 chrome grill
Meat thermometer: core thermometer
Rotary skewers: none
Grill Yes
Gross capacity 71 L
Pyrolytic cleaning Yes
Size 594 x 595 x 567 mm
Weight 44 kg

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