AEG BSE782380B SteamBoost

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AEG BSE782380B SteamBoost

Your perfect taste every time with an 800 SteamBoost oven. Just use the Steamify® function and the oven will select the right steam level for your dish. Effortlessly improves normal cooking with the help of steam.

Built-in oven
Multifunction oven with steam functions
Energy class:
3 baking levels
Quick heat up function
Core thermometer
Automatic temperature recommendation
Memory function - for frequently used settings
Weight-sensing baking programs
Electronic temperature control
Child lock: prevents the device from being switched on accidentally.
Auto power off function
Residual heat display
Touch control
Electronics functions: keep warm (up to 65 degrees), key tone, language selection, main switch, 3-day memory, minute minder, oven light (can be switched on), real temperature display, residual heat display (° C), residual heat consumption, fermentation, service code, steam cleaning - 2 cycle, switch-off clock (daily time), emptying the tank, temperature recommendation, clock (daily time), water hardness, 225 variety of pre-set cooking programs "Assist" (weight / food sensor / steam), 3 Favorites, 31 Languages, beep , auto power off (oven only), adjustable beep, Check Result (Finish Assist by remaining 10% duration), child lock, cleaning warning, clock style adjustable, programmed baking, programmed baking, steam removal, demo mode, descaling, adjustable display brightness, Display Full color TFT touch 95x35mm,drying function, electronic temperature control, optional quick warm-up, meat thermometer, meat thermometer with auto shut-off, meat thermometer with temperature display, meat thermometer with temperature display
Halogen lighting
Oven light - switches on automatically when the door is opened
Easy-to-clean glass door
The fan stops automatically when the door is opened
Cooling fan: The cooling fan starts automatically when the oven is switched on. Cools electronic components and exterior.
Oven trays: 1 gray enameled baking tray, 1 gray enameled grease tray, Deluxe stainless steel steamer set, 2 pcs
Grills: 1 grill
Demo mode
Cable length: 1.5 m
Cleaning: steam cleaning,
Baking range: 30-230C
Oven net capacity (l): 70 l
Door: easy to remove door, soft closing, Soft Opening
Energy class: A ++
Other features
Product Code (PNC): 944 188 683
Brand: AEG
Model name: BSE782380B
Baking mode: hot air supply + steam
Grill type: traditional, fixed
Baking functions: Au gratin tanning, bottom baking, bread baking, traditional baking, defrosting, rising, drying, semi-finished food, Vital steam, grill, high humidity, low humidity, keeping warm, moist hot air, pizza, plate heating, baking, preserving, regeneration, Steamify program, hot air mixing, turbo grill
Display type: PUX
Oven door: triple glass, Logo glass, Smiley cut-out big
Plug connector: Yes
Oven lighting: yes, 2 pcs, 1 halogen bulb, halogen bulb above
Grill in the oven: Chrome guide grilles, EasyEntry, None
Other accessories: 1 level baking rail, water hardness tester
Accessories: 1 gray enameled baking tray, 1 gray enameled grease tray, Deluxe stainless steel steamer set, 2 pcs
Grills: 1 grill
Meat thermometer: core thermometer
Rotary skewers: none
Grill Yes
Gross capacity 70 L
Size 594 x 595 x 567 mm
Weight 44 kg

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