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AEG BSK892330M SteamPro Sous Vide

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AEG BSK892330M SteamPro Sous Vide + FREE 3 pairs of telescopic rails

Every meal should be an experience. With that in mind we created the SteamPro oven. It has three cooking modes - heat, steam and a combination of both. In the combination mode it will calculate exactly the right combination of heat and steam automatically. Which means golden and crisp will be consistently achieved on the outside while food is always juicy and succulent on the inside. Whether you’re roasting or grilling meats, baking bread, creating delicate desserts or using the SousVide feature which we provide to professional restaurants around the world- you can be confident your cooking will be elevated to another level.

Professional chefs have long turned to 'sous vide' cooking to achieve perfect, consistent results. SousVide brings restaurant-quality technology into your own home, allowing you to create dishes that exceed your expectations.

By precisely measuring the core temperature of your food, the Food Sensor lets you know when your rare, medium or well done meat is ready. Aswell as cooking fish and vegetables just the way you like them.

The humidity sensor in this oven elevates your cooking by automatically using the exact amount of steam needed for perfect cooking results. By adding steam the dishes gets the perfect taste and texture to bring out more flavor in your cooking.

With the responsive Command Wheel you have complete control over the cooking process, whether adjusting the time, temperature or function of your oven. With just a touch, your current cooking settings appear immediately on the clear colour LCD display for at-a-glance monitoring of your meal, making adjustments exact and precise. The assisted cooking function means you can select specific foods for professional results every time. Without other buttons creating a busy dashboard, the Command Wheel makes it simple and streamlined for perfection on a plate, every time.

The Soft Closing Door technology built into the soft closing door ensures that the door always shuts softly and silently, to deliver both the look and feel of premium performance.

Inclined FloodLight™ focuses 100% on the food: Specially positioned at the front of the oven and angled directly onto the food.
Baking chart in the inner door of the oven, for added convenience
Anti-fingerprint Stainless Steel
Temperature probe: Ensures your meat or fish is cooked to your taste.
Electronic touch controls: Electronic touch controls for easy use
Child lock for added safety: The Child Lock function prevents an accidental operation of the appliance.
Removable door and glass panes for easy cleaning: Removable door and glass panes for easy cleaning
Bottom heat: Bottom heating for warming and reheating
Isofront® Plus quadruple glazed door: Isofront® plus quadruple glazed door. Multi-layered glass panes, with heat reflective coating to keep the heat in the oven.
Base heat finishing: Heat from the bottom element only. Perfect for reheating pies and pastries as it keeps the pastry crisp. It can also be used on warm plates.
Multifunction combines Ultrafan® fan cooking with other cooking functions, meaning you can choose the best setting to suit your cooking needs
LED digital display
Oven features:
Fan controlled defrosting: Suitable for delicate items such as cream cakes, this light defrost circulates room temperature air around the food slowly, defrosting it hygienically in less than 1/2 the time!
Food probe: The electronic food probe takes the guesswork out of cooking. Once the selected internal temperature has been reached the oven will automatically switch off, ensuring perfect cooking results.
Cooking: Fan + Ring + Steam
Cleaning Top oven: Steam
TTempRange: 30°C - 230°C
Volume usable, l: 70
CookingFunctions: Au Gratin| Bottom heat| Bread baking| Conventional/Traditional cooking| Defrost| Dough proving| Drying|Frozen foods| Full steam| Grilling| Humidity High| Humidity Low| Humidity Medium| Keep warm| Moist fan baking| Pizza setting| Plate warming| Preserving| Slow Cooking
BI dimensions HxWxD in mm: 590x560x550
Dimensions (mm) (HxWxD): 594x595x567
AEG - Steam oven - Built-in - BSK892330M
Energy class: A++
Total electricity loading (W): 3500
SecGenEConskWhCM: 0.89
SecGenEConsKWhFanM: 0.52
Power (w): 65
PNC: 944 187 874
Oven knob type: Command wheel with touch
Grill element power, W: 2300
Voltage: 240
Required Fuse: 16
Interior light: 2| Side halogen| Top halogen
Bar Code: 7332543509904
Cord: No
Type of plug: No
Trays type - Top Oven: 1 Cake tray grey enamel| 1 Dripping pan grey enamel| 1 Patissoire| 1 Set punched + unpunched stst pan 2/3
Included fittings: TR1LFSTV| Water hardness teststrip
Grill Yes
Gross capacity 70 L
Size 594 x 595 x 567 mm
Weight 44 kg

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