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Designed for space
Mounted in the ceiling above your cooking island, this attractive hood not only cleans the air in your kitchen, it also ensures that the tight finish of an open kitchen is maintained.

Extraction force (intensive / high / low): 710/560/290 m³ / h
Noise level (intensive / max / min.): 73/70/54 dB (A)
Energy efficiency class: A
Electronic pushbuttons, positions: 3 + intensive
Grease filter: 3 pieces - metal
Lighting: 4 square leds: This hood has a separate light control that provides excellent exposure to the hob.
Connection of air outlet 150 mm
Suitable for recirculation: A recycle hood with recirculation mode is used when the cooking vapor can not be discharged outside. The hood sucks the cooking vapor, filters it through the carbon filter and blows clean air into the kitchen.
Saturation indication for grease filter
Saturation indication for carbon filter
Edge extraction for lower power consumption and lower noise levels
Hob²Hood: Extractor hood control via hob
Includes remote control RM10000
Extractor hood for ceiling mounting
Extraction force, intensive (m³ / u): 710
Suction force, max. (M³ / h): 560
Hydrodynamic efficiency class: A
Lighting efficiency class: A
Suction force, min. (M³ / u): 290
Max extraction rate 710 m³/h
Max noise level 73 dBA
Size 311x900x500 mm
Weight 30 kg

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