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Inconspicuous installation design
This flat-screen hood, installed in the upper cabinet above the hob, is only visible when it is needed. It can be pulled out during cooking to turn on the suction motor.

Performance values ​​in exhaust air mode (max / min): 368/256 m³ / h
Operation via short-stroke keys
3 power levels
Fluorescent lamp: (number of lamps: 2, total lighting power: 14 watts)
Color temperature: 2700 K
Number of engines: 1
2 metal grease filters
Charcoal filter TYPE60, PNC 902 979 621, number 1, available as special accessory
Highly efficient charcoal filter
Highly efficient charcoal filter can be regenerated within 2 hours in the oven at 150 ° C
Highly efficient charcoal filter: useful life approx. 3-4 years
Exhaust and recirculated air operation possible
Furniture panel or stainless steel panel BF6070M (902 979 620) required
Max. Blower output in exhaust air mode in m³h: 368
Fluidynamic efficiency class: E
Fluid Dynamics: 12.7
Lighting efficiency class: F
Lighting efficiency: 5
Min. Blower output in exhaust air operation in m³h: 256
Max extraction rate 368 m³/h
Max noise level 58 dBA
Size 598 x 282 mm
Weight 15 kg

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