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Characteristic design with power
Thanks to its rectangular shape, this vertical hood adds a distinctive look and feel to your kitchen. In addition to its eye-catching design, the hood is equipped with powerful technology to keep the kitchen air clean, even in large areas.

Extraction force (intensive / high / low): 700/570/320 m³ / h
Noise level (intensive / max. / Min.): 69/54/51 dB (A)
Energy efficiency class: A
TouchControl, modes: 3 + intensive, Breeze function
Grease filter: 2 pcs - Professional multilayer aluminum
Lighting: 2 leds: This hood has a separate light control that provides excellent exposure to the cooking hob.
Connection of air outlet 150 mm
Suitable for recycling, including carbon filter
Saturation indication for grease filter
Saturation indication for carbon filter
Edge extraction for lower power consumption and lower noise levels
Hob²Hood: Extractor hood control via hob
Equipped with activated charcoal filter
Extraction force, intensive (m³ / u): 700
Suction force, max. (M³ / h): 570
Hydrodynamic efficiency class: A
Lighting efficiency class: A
Suction force, min. (M³ / h): 320
Max extraction rate 700 m³/h
Max noise level 69 dBA
Size 1032x898x256 mm
Weight 40 kg

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