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AEG HK774400FB - Induction

A completely clear, pure black surface – except when it's in use
This hob has a unique pure black design – which perfectly aligns with every kitchen style. When the hob is switched off, the glossy glass surface is completely black.

The adaptable surface for every pan
The MaxiSense® induction hob has self-sizing cooking zones. That means each zone detects the sizes and shapes of the pans you’re using, however large or small, and sends immediate heat to fit their bases exactly. So you have complete control, and the hob responds just the way you need it to.

Combine zones to cook more
This hob can easily cope when you’re cooking large amounts – or simply with bigger pans. Just touch the Bridge button to link and control two cooking zones together to fit any large or long pan. Sharing the same temperature and time setting, the linked zones are ideal when you’re cooking for dinner parties or bigger celebrations.

Sensitive controls for precision cooking
The Direct Touch controls on this hob help you get delicious results every time you cook. Slide controls let you turn the heat up, down or off with such accuracy that you get the response you want at just the right moment. So whatever mouth-watering meal you’re cooking, induction helps you make it just the way you want to.

Instant, precise and controllable heat
With induction heating, your pan heats up faster so that you can bring water to the boil quicker than with any other type of hob. And it can also create such gentle heat that you can melt chocolate without a bain marie. It only heats the pan – and not the hob itself – which is more energy efficient, and ensures that the surrounding is safe to touch.

The cooler surface for a safer kitchen
Our intelligent induction technology heats pans and the food in them, but nothing else. The surface round the pans stays cool. So if you accidentally touch the hob near the pans while you’re cooking, your fingers are safe.

Safe and efficient use of residual heat
For each heat zone, the OptiHeat Control indicates three different levels of residual heat.
Installation width 70 cm
Size 710 x 520 mm
Weight 12,74 kg

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