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AEG HKH81700XB - Induction

Maximum flexibility - Free Zone for up to 3 pots / pans
The MaxiSense® Combi induction hob has a large Free Zone with automatic Topferkennung.Das hob automatically detects the size and shape of your cookware. You can use it at any point so. More information

Touch color display
The large color touch-screen makes intuitive operation of your hob. It indicates the position of the cooking utensil and the power stage. Other functions, hob Settings, and Help menus can be easily accessed. More information

ProCook function for a quick transition from parboiling for simmering
Use the ProCook feature, you can create a special hob with preset temperatures. You can quickly switch from parboiling for simmering without the power setting to change. More information

Maximum power when you need it
This appliance has a power function, in the event that you need fast high temperatures. So you can, for example, very quickly Wassser for pasta etc, bring to a boil.

OptiHeat Control: 3 stage residual heat indicator
Registered for each cooking zone OptiHeat control the residual heat and displays them in three stages. So you can use this residual heat safer and more efficient. More information

Easy-to-clean surface
The hob surface is perfectly flat and scratch resistant. And since the surface of the cookware remains cool to splashes or heat and do not burn into the surface. You can simply wipe.
Installation width 80 cm
Size 766 x 516 mm
Weight 15 kg

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