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AEG HKM65400IB - Induction

60 cm, 4-fold induction, MaxiSense®Plus induction hob, bridge function, power function, STOP & GO function, frameless flush mounted

MaxiSense® hob with matching zones for each cup form
The cooking zones this induction hob adapt perfectly to the sizes and shapes of most pots and pans. You simply have to ensure that the cross marks are covered.

Direct touch for direct access
Select the desired settings easily and precisely by finger pressure. By the Director-touch system, you have direct access to all hob controls.

Bridge function - makes two cooking zones, dual zone
You may choose new every time on the distribution of hobs. Thanks to the intelligent bridge function, you can combine two hobs and controlled together.

Induction cooking is extremely responsive and precise adjustable
Thanks to the induction technology, heat is generated very quickly in the pot bottom and can be controlled very precisely. The fastest way to cook.

Residual heat indicator for optimum utilization of energy and for your safety
Thanks to the residual heat indicator always know exactly when your hob is still hot. The residual heat you can save energy use for keeping food warm.

Power function for fast and intensive heating
By activating the power function on the hob gets so much energy that large amounts of fluid can be heated very quickly.
Installation width 60 cm
Size 580 x 510 mm
Weight 12 kg

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