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AEG HKP87420IB - Induction

A short fingertip - and the cooking field becomes visible
Design at its best: when inactive, MaxiSense® Pure presents itself as a continuous surface in pure black. The cooking zones and operating elements of red LEDs are only displayed when the appliance is switched on. Unique - only for AEG!

Heating type: induction
Frameless cooker
Suitable for flush installation
Cooking zones with power function: By activating the power function, the induction cooker receives so much energy that large quantities of liquid can be heated extremely quickly. For example, 1 liter of cold water boils after about 2 minutes.
FlexiBridge combines up to 4 oval cooking zones
Stop + GO function: For brief interruptions during cooking. A push-button can be used to keep warm. With a further push-button the originally selected stage is reset again.
Electronic displays for all cooking zones
Electronic automatic cooking zones : When setting a cooking stage with automatic warm-up, the cooking zone switches to the full power for a certain time and then automatically returns to the set cooking level.
Automatic tamper detection
Eco-Timer: ÖKO-Timer with residual heat energy saving - the ÖKO timer makes it possible, by already deactivating the cooking zone before the set time. Thus the existing residual heat is used efficiently.
CountUp timer
OptiHeat Control - 3-stage residual heat indicator
OffSound Control
Child safety: The child safety device deactivates the cooking zone so that it is not functional and thus prevents misuse by children. The child safety device must be deactivated before the next cooking process.
Lock function: This can be used to lock the power set during the cooking process to prevent unwanted changes.
Power-dependent automatic shutdown
Cooking zone front left: 2300 / 3200W / 220mm, induction cooking zone
Cooking zone rear left: induction cooking zone, 2300 / 3200W / 220mm
Front cooking zone: No, No
Cooking zone rear center: induction cooking zone, 2300 / 3200W / 210mm
Cooking zone front right: induction cooking zone, 1800 / 2800W / 180mm
Protective floor: Special accessories for the planning of a drawer under an autarkic hob
Glass Color Black
Type of cooking field: Induction cooking zones
Front left cooking zone, power and diameter: 2300 / 3200W / 220mm
Cooking zone rear left, power and diameter: 2300 / 3200W / 220mm
Cooking zone rear center, power and diameter: 2300 / 3200W / 210mm
Cooking zone front right, power and diameter: 1800 / 2800W / 180mm
Installation width 80 cm
Size 770 x 510 mm
Weight 20 kg

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