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The AEG Pure hob with Flexibridge combines a sleek design with responsive functions. Ebony glass blends seamlessly with the worktop. Its cooking zones and touch controls are invisible until your fingertips bring them to life. Transform the kitchen and turn cooking into a true pleasure.

Residual heat indicators: This safety feature visually indicates when residual heat is left on the hob surface.
Powerful booster
15 stage digital power level displays
Child safety control lock: To maximise kitchen safety, this lock can be activated to prevent the hob from being turned on accidentally.
Control lock: This will prevent any alteration or activation of the hob's settings; simply lock the controls once the cooking functions have been selected. It can also be used to lock the hob in the off position for added safety.
Auto safety switch off: If a cooking zone is left on, the power automatically cuts out after a set period of time.
Front right: 1 medium induction zone with boosters
Left front - Power/Diameter: 2300/3200W/220mm
Middle rear - Power/Diameter: 2300/3200W/210mm
Rear - Power/Diameter: 2300/3200W/220mm
Right front - Power/Diameter: 1800/2800W/180mm
Installation width 80 cm
Size 770 x 510 mm
Weight 15 kg

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