AEG KS8454801M (former KS8404001M)

-5% AEG KS8454801M (former KS8404001M)

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Energy efficiency class A, a professional team with compact SousVide, core temperature sensor, ProSight Plus, 24 types of heating

Turn flavour up to full.
The ProCombi oven with our advanced Full Taste Steam System makes more of the flavours within your food. It works in exactly the same way as a traditional oven, with the added benefit of steam. And this is where food gets really exciting because heat, of course, browns and crisps. The introduction of steam makes all the difference. Locking in the natural moisture to deliver a whole range of juicy and succulent dishes including meat, fish, casseroles and vegetables - even desserts. It’s all about taste, and lots of it.

Optimal cooking results with SousVide function
The SousVide oven function cooks vacuumed sealed food at lower temperatures to provide optimal conditions for enhanced food results. The food is cooked gently and is not overcooked, so all flavours end up in the finished dish.

ProSight Plus LCD text display with VarioGuide
The large LCD text display ProSight Plus with unique VarioGuide gives you intuitive access to a wide range of dishes, for each one the oven recommends the ideal temperature, humidity and cooking time.

Effortless removal of stains and grime
The display alerts you when the oven needs cleaning, and thanks to the special steam oven cleaning program, removal of stains and grime will be effortless.

Designed for optimal integration and ergonomic style
With a simple movement, you can remove this steam ovens water jar. Simply refill it at the tap, and slide it back into place.

Always optimal cooking times thanks to the core temperature sensor.
The temperature sensor enables you to optimally cook your food. The oven is switched off when the centre of the food reaches the pre-set temperature.

1 baking tray
1 drip pan
1 Steamer set (perforated / non-perforated)
1 combination grid
Grill Yes
Gross capacity 43 L
Size 455 x 594 x 567 mm
Weight 35 kg

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  • Brand: AEG
  • Product Code: KS8454801M (former KS8404001M)
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