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The built-in microwave for the 45cm niche: so you can thaw your dishes extra fast, warm up and prepare perfectly.
Microwave function: for a quick preparation, thawing and warming up of food.
Hot air: perfect results on one level thanks to optimal heat distribution.
Operation with red LCD display: easy operation thanks to direct access to additional functions, default temperature and supplementary temperature display.
Retractable knob: for easy cleaning of the user interface.
Stainless steel oven tube: easy-to-clean interior thanks to smooth surfaces and no sharp edges.

Microwave and heating
Built-in microwave with hot air function with the heating modes: microwave, hot air standard, convection infra grill, large grill, pizza stage
Max. Power: 900 W; 5 microwave power levels: 90 W, 180 W, 360 W, 600 W, 900 W
Temperature control from 40 ° C - 230 ° C
Grill 1.75 kW
Grill with microwave power levels 90 W, 180 W, 360 W, 600 W combinable
Microwave available individually or in combination
Garraumvolumen: 44 l
Size 454 x 594 x 570 mm
Weight 37 kg

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