BOSCH CTL636ES1 - New Serie8

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BOSCH CTL636ES1 - New Serie8

The built-in coffee machine with OneTouch Function: provides unprecedented variety and comfort.
Intelligent Heater inside: Optimal brewing temperature and aroma with the SensoFlow system
MyCoffee: 8 Save favorite drinks with all settings in personal name
AutoMilk Clean: A fully automatic steam cleaning after each drink you take daily care of the milk system off completely
OneTouch Doublecup: Each coffee or milk specialty with just one touch - even for two cups at a time
Aroma Double Shot: Extra strong coffee with reduced bitterness by two grinding and Brühvorgänge

SensoFlow system: The innovative heating system guarantees maximum flavor thanks always ideal brewing temperature and constant
AromaPro Concept: The ideal pressure for optimum flavor extraction
One-Touch Preparation: ristretto, espresso, espresso macchiato, café crème, cappuccino, latte macchiato, milk coffee with one touch
Aroma Double Shot: Extra strong coffee with reduced bitterness by two grinding and Brühvorgänge
Beverage temperature individually adjustable coffee temperature 3-stage, 4-stage hot water temperature
Including BRITA water filter Intenza: Reduces odor and reduces the hardness of the water and impair taste substances
TFT display with interactive menus
MyCoffee: 8 Save favorite drinks - with custom name and adjustable mixing ratio of milk and espresso
IndividualCup Volume: cup sizes customizable, so that your cup is just as full as you want it
Coffee and milk foam in height: 15 cm high self latte macchiato glasses fit easily underneath
OneTouch Doublecup: Two cups simultaneously output for all coffee and milk specialties
Removable water tank for easy filling (2.4 l volume)
Early warning when water tank is empty or bean container soon
Flexible milk solution: Decide for yourself if you connect the supplied milk container or use a different container, such as a milk carton
Summary of Operating Instructions always handy in the device
Silent Ceram Drive: Quiet Premium grinder from wear-resistant ceramic
Coffee Sensor Pro: The grinder automatically adjusts the bean to
One-touch coffee-milk specialties with particularly fine-pored milk foam with innovative milk nozzle
In addition to the drinks individually selectable: foamed milk, hot milk, hot water
Minimize the heating time: Fastest first cup
Water pump with 19 bar pressure
Separate funnel for ground coffee, such as decaffeinated coffee
15,000 cups Warranty: Consistently high quality equipment from the first to the 15,000. Cup (for non-commercial use within 24 months)
Removable brewing unit: Easy and hygienic cleaning under running water
AutoMilk Clean: Fully automatic steam cleaning of the milk system after each reference drinks
Milk frother removable and dishwasher safe
Single Portion Cleaning: Complete drain all lines after each brewing
Automatic rinse program at turn-switching
Drip tray and coffee grounds container removable and dishwasher safe
Calc'nClean: Automatic cleaning and descaling program
Reminded of water filter change, descaling, cleaning; including indication of remaining drinks Covers
Water, milk and bean container are easily accessible hiding behind a door so the kitchen is always tidy
Bean container with aroma preservation cover (500 g Volume)
Illumination of keys, coffee spout
Freeness multi-level adjustable
Display language selectable
Parental Control : Accidental brewing not possible
Power: 1600 Watts
Size 455 x 594 x 356 mm
Weight 20 kg

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