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Cooker hood in box design: performance and matching kitchen design in one hood.
Exhaust air output: quickly ensures an optimal kitchen climate with up to 365 m³ / h.
Pushbuttons: easy selection of the desired power level with mechanical control.
Quiet: best pulling performance with low noise.

Operating mode and performance
Noise levels according to EN 60704-3 and EN 60704-2-13 max. Normal level exhaust air operation: 63 dB (A) re 1 pW (50 dB (A) re 20 µPa sound pressure)
Noise level in recirculation mode:
max. Normal level: 66 dB (A) re 1 pW (53 dB (A) re 20 µPa sound pressure)
Max. Fan output 365 m³ / h with exhaust air operation according to EN 61591
Circulating air output:
max. Normal operation: 197 m³ / h
Energy efficiency class: D (on an energy efficiency class scale from A +++ to D)
Average energy consumption: 53.1 kWh / year *
Fan efficiency class: E *
Grease filter efficiency class: C *
Lighting efficiency class: A *
Min./max. Normal level: 49/63 dB
Uniform, bright lighting with 2 x 1.5W LED module
Illuminance: 99 lux
Color temperature: 3500 K.
Push button switch
3 power levels
Optional exhaust air or recirculation mode
Max extraction rate 365 m³/h
Max noise level 66 dBA
Size 635-965 x 600 x 500 mm
Weight 18 kg

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