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Built-in oven with meat probe and AutoPilot programs: automatically cook dishes exactly the way you like them.
Meat probe: measures the optimum temperature inside the roast.
3D hot air: perfect results thanks to optimal heat distribution on 3 levels at the same time.
AutoPilot 10: every dish perfectly prepared thanks to 10 automatic programs.
EcoClean Direct: almost without the need for cleaning thanks to a special coating that automatically absorbs fat on the back, ceiling and side walls and thanks to the regeneration program.
Control via LCD display with white backlight: easy operation with direct access to additional functions

Oven type / type of heating:
Oven with 7 heating functions:
3D hot air, top / bottom heating, air-circulating grill, large surface grill, Pizza function, bottom heating, mild heat
Temperature control in the range of 50 ° C - 275 ° C
Capacity: 71 l
Oven ladders / guides
Telescopic guides on two levels, including one VarioClip telescopic guide, independent of the level
Knob control, Retractable knobs
XXL oven with GranitEmail enamel
EcoClean: coated rear wall, ceiling, side panels
EcoClean program
The inside of the door is fully glass
Control via LCD with white backlight
Electronic clock
Heating control
AutoPilot 10 automatic programs
Rapid heating
Halogen interior lighting
Cooling blower
Straight handle
Grill Yes
Gross capacity 71 L
Size 595 x 595 x 548 mm
Weight 44 kg

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