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DirectSelect: direct, easy selection of the required cooking zone, power level and additional functions.
Simple operation of the hob.
On the intuitive control panel, you can use DirectSelect to select the cooking zones and individually set the respective power levels - quickly and easily.

CombiZone: More flexibility through the combination of two cooking zones for cooking with even heat distribution, for roasters and the like.
PerfectFry: for an optimal degree of browning of the food thanks to sensor control in 4 power levels.
Achieves the best roasting results.
When roasting, the temperature is crucial. If the temperature is too high, even the best steak will cook too quickly or burn. There are four temperature levels available to ensure the perfect browning when roasting. The PerfectFry frying sensor regulates the temperature continuously and adjusts it precisely if necessary.

PowerBoost: Shorter boiling times with up to 50% more power.
Cooks faster than you think.
Sometimes you need a little extra power when cooking. The improved PowerBoost function on our induction hobs provides additional power when the cooking process needs to be accelerated. For example, you can now bring 2 liters of water to the boil almost 50% faster than on a conventional electric hob.

ReStart: If something boils over, the hob switches off automatically and saves the last setting selected.
Built-in exhaust Yes
Installation width 80 cm
Size 51 x 802 x 522 mm
Weight 30 kg

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