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There are more exciting things than watching the water boil. Get help from the SenseBoil® induction hob. It detects rising air bubbles and reduces the heat setting to a simmer over low heat. No more constant monitoring. So you can concentrate on the essentials. Fine tuning the flavors. Master the menu.

Heating type: induction
SenseBoil® Cooktop - Automatic temperature control to boil water
Electronic displays for all 4 cooking zones
OptiFit Frame - stainless steel frame: The new design frame from AEG captivates both by a high-quality workmanship and by a noble optics. This underlines the laser engraved logo on the slightly wider front - just perfect in form and function.
Glass color black
Decoration color: Pearl gray
4 electronic automatic cooking zones : When setting a cooking level with automatic warm-up, the cooking zone switches to full power for a certain period of time and then automatically returns to the set cooking level.
Power function for each cooking zone: By activating the power function, the induction hob gets so much energy that large quantities of liquid can be heated extremely quickly. For example, boil 1 liter of cold water after about 2 minutes.
Pause function
Eco timer: ECO timer with residual heat Save energy - the ECO timer makes it possible by deactivating the cooking zone before the set time has expired. This way, the existing residual heat is used efficiently.
OptiHeat Control - 3-stage residual heat indicator
OffSound Control
Child safety: The child safety device deactivates the hob, so that it is not functional and thus prevents misuse by children. Before the next cooking process, the childproof lock must be deactivated.
Locking function: Locks the set power during the cooking process to prevent unwanted changes.
Power-dependent automatic shutdown
OptiFix: simple installation concept
Device dimensions WxD in mm: 576 x 516
Direct-Control cooking zone control
SlimFit design - for installation in every worktop depth: min. 12 mm, with simultaneous installation of a drawer or min. 28 mm with an AEG oven / cooker underneath. No installation of a protective floor required.
Type of hob: induction cooking zones
Cooking zone front left, power and diameter: 2300 / 3700W / 210mm
Rear left cooking zone, power and diameter: 1800 / 2800W / 180mm
Cooking zone front right, power and diameter: 1400 / 2500W / 145mm
Cooking zone right rear, power and diameter: 1800 / 2800W / 180mm
Type: self-sufficient cooking hob
Installation: overlying
Installation dimensions: 46x560x490
Installation height (mm): 46
Device width (mm): 576
Device depth (mm): 516
Cut-out width (mm): 560
Cutting depth (mm): 490
Installation width 60 cm
Size 576 x 516 mm
Weight 15 kg

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