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An induction cooker helps you quickly master any type of food. It heats faster than any other type of stove - it even closes the water in less than 90 seconds *, so you can continue to cook food immediately. The heating conditions are so precise that they can help create the finest flavors and texture each time they are produced.

Type of ignition: inductive
Direct control: Motion-sensing technology
Induction hob with power boost function
Pot detection
Automatic fast boiling
Lock function
Child lock feature
Hearth Safety: Automatic Shutdown
Alarm with shutdown option
Slab frame hob
Eco Timer: The Eco Timer function switches off heating before cooking is complete, so that the heat recovery is used most efficiently to complete the cooking process.
Timer function
OptiHeat control: 3-step residual heat control function
Digital links for each zone
Illuminated control
Power / Diameter of the left frontal hob: 2300 / 3700W / 210mm
Power / Diameter of the left rear hob: 1800 / 2800W / 180mm
Power / Diameter of right front hob: 1400 / 2500W / 145mm
Power / diameter of the right rear hob: 2300 / 3200W / 170x265mm
Mounting dimensions AxPXG, (mm): 44x560x490
Weight (net), kg: 10.86
Maximum power output, W: 7200
Product Number (PNC): 949 597 446
Cord: Yes
Control functions: 3 levels of residual heat, Acoustic signal, Automatic heating, BOOSTER, Child protection, Self-timer, Eco timer, Flexible Powermanagement, Hob-hood connection, Button lock, Minute timer, Pause, Sound off, Timer
Voltage, V: 220-240 / 400V2N
Installation width 60 cm
Size 590 x 520 mm
Weight 20 kg

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