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Speed ​​and accuracy, even more mouth-watering grip
Unleash your creativity and take advantage of the speed and precision that is given to professional chefs as well. The induction technology with immediate, precise temperature modes.

Wipe - induction technology that's all
Thanks to this technology, professional induction hob surface is never heats up. So it does not burn the food ran out, one can be removed by wiping.

To save time at the highest temperature for fast access to
Speed ​​up your cooking hob assist in this function. Using extra power stroke quickly reach the highest temperature.

Heating element, which heats up only if there is cookware.
Thanks to this revolutionary technology, induction hob cooking zone will only heat up if pan is placed on it. As soon as the cookware is removed, turn off the cooking zone.
Installation width 60 cm
Size 590 x 520 mm
Weight 11,14 kg

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  • Brand: Electrolux
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