ELECTROLUX EIP8146 (former EHD8740FOK)

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ELECTROLUX EIP8146 (former EHD8740FOK)

The controls and cooking zones of the elegant Pure 600 induction cooker become visible only when you need them. When not in use, they fit neatly into the surface of the kitchen counter. And when you're ready for the kitchen magic, you can activate the stove with one touch and call up settings, functions.

Induction cooking zones
Ceramic tile color: black
Polished edges
Control unit location: center front
Illuminated display
Induction zones with booster function
pot Recognition
Front left zone: induction, 2300 / 3200W / 210mm
Left Rear Zone: Induction, 2300 / 3200W / 210mm
Middle zone front: No,
Right front zone: induction, 2300 / 3200W / 210mm
Right Rear Zone: Induction, 2300 / 3200W / 210mm
Middle zone rear: No,
Parental Control
Hob security: automatic shut-off
Beep - can be turned off
EcoTimer ™: The Eco Timer ™ shuts down the cooking zone before the cooking time expires, effectively utilizing the remaining heat on the hob.
Timer function
CleverHeat ™ function: 3-step residual heat display
Easy and quick installation (with snap-in springs)
Auto power off
Hob Type: Induction Hob
Net weight (kg): 12.54
Mounting height (mm): 44
Width (mm): 780
Depth (mm): 520
Electric Power (W): 7350
Power consumption in off-mode (W): 0.49
Installation width 80 cm
Size 780 x 520 mm
Weight 13,02 kg

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  • Brand: Electrolux
  • Product Code: EIP8146 (former EHD8740FOK)
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