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The 800 CombiQuick® oven saves you time by shortening cooking. In this compact oven, food is prepared twice as fast by combining hot air and microwave cooking functions. Delicious dishes are prepared twice as fast!

Compact built-in oven
Oven with integrated microwave function
Microwave power: 1000 (W)
Oven cooking functions: Bottom, Fan + lighting, Grill + bottom, Grill + bottom + fan, Grill + fan, Grill + top, Microwave, Ring heating + bottom + fan, Ring heating + fan, Top, Top + bottom
Oven cavity with 2 cooking levels
Quick oven heating function
Automatic temperature suggestion
Memory function for frequently used oven settings
Automatic programs by weight
Electronic temperature control
Time extension function
Child lock function: The child lock function protects against possible unpleasant events.
Residual heat indication
Safety function that automatically shuts off the oven
Overview of the oven's electronic functions: Use of residual heat, Service information, Set & Go, Switch-off time in switch-off mode, Temperature offer, Time of day, Oven light setting on / off (menu + direct button), Actual temperature display (° C), Remaining heat display (° C), 100 pre-cooking programs Assist (weight), 3 Favorites, 30 languages, Acoustic signal, Gadget control, Automatic protection switches off the oven, Adjustable notification sound, Communication, Cooking with duration, Cooking with end time and duration, Demo mode with code, Direct access to MW function, Adjustable screen brightness (on), Display Full color TFT touch 95x35mm, Check result / Time extension (completion assistant 10% of the time), Child lock (when off),Clock style in standby mode (version 2), Electronic temperature control, Fast heating, optional, Switch on / off key tones and message / error tones (except on / off), Language / Text display, Main switch, Memory day time - 3 days, time reminder
Halogen oven lighting
Automatic oven lighting when the door is opened
Extremely smooth enameled easy-to-clean oven cover
When the door is opened, the fan stops rotating
Cooling fan: The cooling fan switches on automatically when the oven is switched on. It cools the electronic components and external parts of the oven.
Trays provided with the oven: 1 tray of gray enamel cakes
Oven grill: 1 chrome grill
Demo mode
Power cord length: 1.5 m
Cleaning method: Easy to clean enamel
Useful volume, l: 43
Color: Black
Height, mm: 455
Width, mm: 595
Depth, mm: 567
Mounting depth, mm: 550
Mounting height, mm: 450
Mounting width, mm: 560
Fuse (A): 16
Weight (gross), kg: 40
Weight (net), kg: 38.8
Grill Yes
Gross capacity 43 L
Size 455 x 594 x 567 mm
Weight 30 kg

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