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Vacuuming drawer 200 series
Glass front in Gaggenau Metallic
Width 60 cm, Height 14 cm

Integrable in 14 cm high niche
Hygienic stainless steel vacuuming chamber, applicable height up to 95 mm
3 vacuuming levels for vacuuming in the chamber, max. 99%
3 vacuuming levels for vacuuming outside the chamber, max. 90%
Automatic connection recognition for vacuuming outside the chamber

Product description
Vacuuming for sous-vide cooking.
Vacuuming for fast marinating and flavouring.
Vacuuming for fast marinating and flavouring.
Vacuuming of vacuuming containers outside the chamber.
Vacuuming of liquids in bottles outside the chamber.
Touch key operation.
Net volume 7 litres.
Capacity load max. 10 kg.
Maximum size of vacuuming bags W 240 mm x L 350 mm.
3 heat-sealing levels for different strengths of bag material.
Sealing bar, non-stick coating, removable.
Safety glass cover, opens automatically after vacuuming.
Raised vacuuming platform, 44 mm, deployable.
Utility space in vacuuming chamber, W 210 mm x L 275 mm.
Membrane for avoiding reflow of liquids during vacuuming outside the chamber.
Drying programme for vacuuming pump.
Warning function.
Planning notes
Necessary lateral gap between appliance front and furniture panel of min. 5 mm.
The panel surface of the appliance extends 21 mm from the furniture cavity.
Installation of BS/BM/CM directly above DV in 59 cm niche without intermediate floor.
Built-in under worktop or in single niche.
The socket can be planned behind the appliance.
Total connected load 0.32 kW.
Connecting cable 1.5 m with plug.
Size 140 x 600 mm
Weight 10 kg

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