MIELE CS 1234-1 I

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MIELE CS 1234-1 I

Solid stainless steel frame on all four sides
Glass ceramic screen with LightPrint Décor
Solid metal knobs
Embossed Miele logo
User convenience
Metal knobs on separate control panel
Cooking zones
4 cooking zones with automatic heat-up and Booster function, one with TwinBooster and Keeping warm function
Induction rings
ON indicator and residual heat indicators
Dual-circuit indicator
Booster indicator showing booster setting
Power rating
Front left 100-200 mm Ø, 1850 W, Booster 2900 W
Front right 100-160 mm Ø, 1400 W, Booster 1800 W
Rear left 100-200 mm Ø, 1850 W, Booster 2900 W
Rear right 160-230 mm Ø, 2300 W, Booster 3000/3700 W
12 power settings (power settings 1-9 and Booster 1-2 as well as heat maintaining function)
Pan/pan size sensing
Safety switch-off
Overheating protection
Integrated cooling fan
Standard accessories
Razor-blade scraper
Electrical connection
Total connected load: 7,4 kW
Cut-out dimensions
Width: 560 mm
Depth: 500 mm
N.B. Installation
This induction hob can only be fitted above an oven that has an
integrated cooling fan.
Installation width 60 cm
Size 560 x 500 mm
Weight 10 kg

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