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High-performance, flat-screen design cooker hood - you will definitely have enough space during cooking to look at the food
EfficientDrive: a new engine technology that makes baking and cooking incredibly quiet and energy efficient
TouchControl: easy-to-adjust settings with a single finger thanks to the control panel's built-in flat surface
Intensive speed: increases the suction speed when the steam from cooking increases
Dimmer function - you can easily adjust the light to suit your mood
Interval ventilation - automatically ventilates every hour for clean, fresh air

Hood with flat umbrella
90 cm
Device color: black
Glass surface: transparent black glass surface, printed
Noise reduction function
Operation and performance:
Wall-mounted cooker hood
Easy wall mounting system
Touch Control: 3 gears plus 2 intense
Power Boost position
2 high-performance motors, energy-saving BLDC technology
Operating modes:
Can also be used for outlet and circulation mode
Use without a chimney is also possible
For internal circulation mode, a CleanAir module (optional accessory) is required
Energy efficiency class:
Average annual energy consumption: 37.8 kWh / year
Hydrodynamic efficiency: B *
Lighting efficiency:
Grease filtration efficiency: B
Noise level (minimum / maximum): 43/57 dB
Environment and safety:
Touch Control, 2X7 segment display
Stiffening frame: easy to clean
3 gears plus 2 intense
Touch Control (3 gears plus 2 intense) and 2X7 segment display
Automatic 10 minute follow-up
2 extraction areas: front and bottom
Automatic reset function after 6 minutes
moments Switch
Brightness control function
2 x 1,5W LED
Brightness: 225 lux
Color temperature: 3500 ° K
Even distribution of extraction power
Indication of the saturation of the metal grease filter or carbon filter
Metal grease filter, Glass surface
Metal grease filter, dishwasher safe
Pipe diameter: Ø 150 mm (packed with Ø 120 mm)
Dimensions, internal circulation mode, chimney (MaxSexx): 1029-1299 x 890 x 263 mm
Dimensions with CleanAir module (MaxWxDh): 1159 x 890 x 263 mm - with external chimney 1229-1499 x 890 x 263 mm - with telescopic chimney
Dimensions, internal circulation mode, without chimney (MaxWxH): 500 mm x 890 x 263 mm
Dimensions in air outlet mode (Height x Width x Depth): 969-1239 x 890 x 263 mm
Technical information:
Power measured according to EN 61591 ø 15 cm: max. 394 m³ / h in normal gear and 717 m³ / h in intensive gear
Extraction power according to DIN / EN 61591, max. 394 m³ / h
Max. Suction capacity: 394 m³ / h, outlet mode, measured according to EN 61591
Exhaust capacity in outlet mode according to EN 61591: maximum normal speed: 394 m³ / h, intensive speed: 717 m³ / h
Noise level according to EN 60704-3 and EN 60704-2-13 at maximum normal speed in outlet mode: 57 dB (A) for 1 pW (44 dB (A) for 20 µPa sound pressure)
Noise level according to EN 60704-3 and EN 60704-2-13 in outlet mode: Highest stage: 57 dB (A) for 1 pW (44 dB (A) for 20 µPa sound pressure) Intensive stage: 70 dB (A) for 1 pW (sound pressure of 20 µPa for 57 dB (A))
Maximum extraction capacity: 717 m3 / h
Extraction power in internal circulation mode: Max. In normal use: 294 m³ / h Intensive: 527 m³ / h
Noise levels in internal circulation mode: Max. Normal use: 60 dB (A) for 1 pW (47 dB (A) for 20 µPa sound pressure) Intense: 73 dB (A) for 1 pW (60 dB (A) for 20 µPa sound pressure )
Connection value: 143 W
Max extraction rate 717 m³/h
Max noise level 70 dBA
Size 1029-1299 x 890 x 26 mm
Weight 30 kg

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