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NEFF TBD 1676 N (T16BD76N0)

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NEFF TBD 1676 N (T16BD76N0)

Flexibility of the cooking zones
Roasting zone: automatically detects roasting pan and switches on.
1 two-ring cooking zone: Use normal or larger cookware for the expandable cooking zone.
60 cm: space for 4 pots or pans.
Front left cooking zone: 180 mm, 2 kW
Back left cooking zone: 265 mm, 170 mm, 2.6 kW
Back right cooking zone: 145 mm, 1.2 kW
Front right cooking zone: 210 mm, 145 mm, 2.1 kW (maximum power 3 kW)
user friendliness
Touch Control: Control the output with the printed +/- touch buttons.
17 power levels: Set the heat precisely with 17 power levels (9 main levels and 8 intermediate levels).
Keep warm function for all cooking zones: Keep the dishes on top warm with the preset low power.
CountUp Timer
Switches the cooking zone off at the end of the set time (e.g. with boiled eggs).
At the end of the set time a signal sounds (eg. As the pasta cooking).
Time saving and efficiency
Power level: Brings water to the boil faster than at the highest normal level thanks to 20% more energy supply.
Restart function: If the hob is switched off unintentionally, all settings are retained if you switch it on again within 4 seconds.
yes: Quick switch-off by touching the control surface of the cooking zone for a long time.
Frame in stainless steel
2-stage residual heat display per cooking zone: Shows which cooking zones are still hot or warm.
Child lock: Prevents unintentional activation of the hob.
Wipe protection function: Wipe over boiled liquids without inadvertently changing the settings (all touch buttons are blocked for 30 seconds).
Main switch: switch off all cooking zones at once.
Operation indicator lamp: Indicates whether the hob is heating.
Automatic safety switch-off: For safety reasons, the hob switches off automatically after a preset time without interaction (adjustable).
Energy consumption indicator: shows the energy consumption of the last cooking process.
Dimensions of the device (HxWxD mm): 48 x 583 x 513
Required niche size (HxWxD mm: 48 x 560 x (490 - 500)
Minimum worktop thickness: 16 mm
Total connection value: 8300 W
Installation width 60 cm
Size 583x 513 mm
Weight 13 kg

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