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45 cm high combi microwave with 100% steam and hot air for preparing tasty dishes in a short time.
fullSteam: makes cooking healthy and tasty dishes easy.
cookControl30: Automatic programs provide the best results.
lightControl: intuitive operation thanks to the illuminated button

Microwave and functions:
Compact combi microwave with steam with the heating systems: microwave, steam, hot air, circulation grill, grid grill
Max. power: 1000 W | 5 microwave modes (90W, 180W, 360W, 600W, max.) With inverter technology
Grill 2 kW
Grill with microwave positions 90 W, 180 W, 360 W, 600 W to combine
All heating functions can be used separately or in combination with each other.
4 thaw and 26 cooking programs
3 steam modes
External steam generation
30 automatic programs
Quick preheat
Comfort / Security:
Contents: 36 liters
Water tank contents: 0.8 liters
Automatic water tank recognition
LCD display
lightControl: intuitive knobs with illumination
Temperature control from 40 ° C to 230 ° C
Electronic clock
Temperature display, Digital temperature indication
Child safety via key function, Automatic safety switch, Start / Stop key, Door contact switch
Forced cooling with navel ventilation
Size 455 x 594 x 545 mm
Weight 30 kg

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