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The oven with integrated microwave and sensors for fast, perfect preparation

TFT touch display plus: best readability and intuitive operation.
Meat thermometer and Back Sensor: Preparing exactly to the point.
activeClean: the self-cleaning function for effortless cleaning.
cook control plus: guaranteed success for a variety of dishes.
varioSpeed: up to 50% time savings when preparing food.

Oven type and type of heating
Oven with microwave with 15 heating modes:
4D hot air, hot air-Eco, top / bottom heat, top / bottom heat Eco, fan grill system, full width grill, small area grill, pizza setting, cool start, separate bottom heat, intensive heat, gentle cooking, preheat, Drying, keeping warm
Additional types of heating with microwave microwave, microwave combination mode (varioSpeed) for up to 50% time savings
Electronic temperature control from 30 ° C - 300 ° C
Max. Power: 900 W; 5 microwave power levels (90 W, 180 W, 360 W, 600 W, 900 W)
Rapid heating
Stainless steel impeller
Oven capacity: 67 l
Accessory rail / pull-out system:
Oven with Einhängegittern,
System extract (1 level), activeClean capable
TFT touch display plus plain text
cook Plus control - for fully automatic frying
Bratenthermometer Plus with multi-point measurement
Back Sensor - for fully automatic baking
LED interior lighting, multi-level LED interior lighting, switchable
Folding door, oven door with soft move, damped opening and closing
Electronic Clock
Info button
activeClean® - self cleaning automatic
Pyrolysefähige accessory rail and trays
Special glass inner door for microwave
light control operating concept - for easy operation
Titan-gloss anthracite Email
Oven handle made of solid stainless steel
1 x combination grid, 1 x enamelled baking tray, 1 x universal pan
Environment and safety
very small window temperature max. 30 ° C
(Measured at 180 ° C oven temperature / type of heating Top / bottom heat after 1 hour in the center window)
with lockable oven door
Safety shutdown
Residual heat indicator
Start button
Door contact switch
Technical Details:
Cable length: 120 cm
Power consumption Power: 3.65 kW
Dimensions (HxWxD): 595 mm x 595 mm x 548 mm
Niche dimensions (HxWxD): 585 mm - 595 mm x 560 mm - 568 mm x 550 mm
"Dimensions and installation instructions for this device according to technical drawing note"
Grill Yes
Gross capacity 67 L
Pyrolytic cleaning Yes
Size 595 x 595 x 548 mm
Weight 44 kg

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