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Healthy Lifestyle

Combination Steam ovens offer a variety of cooking solutions in one appliance for maximum user flexibility. The level of the steam can be adjusted from 20% to 75% for more juicy dishes, but equally crispy as in the traditional cooking methods.

Compact appliances with a height of 45 cm - perfect solution to meet the functional requirements of kitchen sets of small height.

Smartsense cooking system

The SmartSense cooking system offers 50 automatic recipes with pre-set parameters that can be easily amended by the user according to the type of food, the weight and the desired cooking result.

The large TFT display is legible, and so simple to follow. Smeg’s SmartSense provides a foolproof, step-by-step guide to cooking. In addition ten customisable recipes allow the user to program in their favourite dishes and start cooking them in a matter of minutes - it will even tell you which shelf position to put the food on, guaranteeing great results.

Elegance and refinement

Colourful touch control displays allow easy navigation of the oven whilst the striking Eclipse glass, appears opaque when the oven is off, yet becomes transparent when switched on, perfectly illuminating the cavity.

Copper or Stainless Steel trims provide a subtle burst of colour throughout the flagship Dolce Stil Novo range, where only the finest materials have been used.

Maximum hygiene

Vapor CleanThe eco-friendly Vapor Clean function makes cleaning easy through the use of steam. Simply put a little water & detergent into the hollow of the oven base to generate vapor and release burnt on food from the walls of the oven.

Smeg’s Ever Clean enamel’s tough surface has a glassy finish, so a simple spray of water and detergent around the cavity in conjunction with the Vapour Clean option will generate heat and steam to soften any grease for a wipe-clean result.

Vapor Chef

The constant commitment to always make the most advanced products allowed Smeg to offer an oven with a extremely rational steam function. Set the type of cooking or time and the temperature of the dish that you want to prepare, the system determines the water needed and takes only one small amount more, so as to avoid waste and reduce loading times.

The water is drawn in through a flexible tube which disappears into the cavity when it is not used. This easy-to-use and discrete system has no impact on the volume of the cavity or the oven’s interior or exterior aesthetics.
Grill Yes
Gross capacity 50 L
Size 597 x 456 mm
Weight 30 kg

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