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Dishwasher long door, total disappearance, 60 cm. Class A +

Long door (760-800 mm door panel)
Planetarium washing system
5 + 5 quick programs
Washing temperatures: 38 °, 45 °, 50 °, 55 °, 65 °, 70 ° C
Anti-fingerprint stainless steel control panel
Electronic commands
Display: Delayed start programming, Indication
program duration, time remaining indication
Deferred departure option up to 24 hours with soaking
Salt and rinse aid exhaustion spies
Handles with stainless steel insert
Gray baskets with gray inserts
Color Interior Components: Blue Grip Inserts,
Blue handles, adjustment plate on three levels according to
Blue basket, Blue Planetarium
Upper basket adjustable on 3 levels
Upper basket with fixed inserts
Lower basket with single foldable insert
Lower basket with drip inserts
Crockery up to 30 cm Ø
Third single upper sprayer
Stainless steel tank and filter
Balancing hinges with variable fulcrum
Front foot adjustable from 82 to 89 cm
Silence: 44 dB (A) re 1 pW
Noise level 44 dBA
Size 598 x 928 x 550 mm
Weight 50 kg

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