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About Us

About Us

Who are we?

We are a small family owned business in Hungary who has its own business over 20 years now. As we have family members all over the world (yes, in Australia as well) we are quite familiar with the local markets and always looking for new business opportunities.
After careful consideration we decided to expand our successful Hungarian business module to Australia.


We are confident that we can use our existing business relations to build a mutually beneficial relationship with our customers, providing excellent, well known appliances to Australia for great prices. European (mainly German) appliances are still the most exclusive brands all over the world for good reason. Their design, quality and functionality still unmatched.
As our prices only fraction of the Australian prices we are sure that our customers will be thoroughly satisfied with their purchases.


We are using express airfreight only so you can receive your appliance within a week. We have extensive knowledge of air shipping including our ‘bulletproof’ packaging which virtually reduce transport damages to zero. (Of course still everything is fully insured.)


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