Extractor hood block design: excellent performance and a beautiful design bundled in one extractor h..
AU$ 1,699
The wall chimney hood is mounted on the wall and gives you freedom in the kitchen design. Ecosilenc..
AU$ 1,599
AEG FSK83727P New -5%
AEG's QuickSelect controller ensures optimum settings for every wash program. You can use the slider..
AU$ 1,799 AU$ 1,709
AEG DVB4850B New -5%
With its rectangular shape, this vertical hood will add a distinctive look and feel to your kitchen...
AU$ 1,449 AU$ 1,377
MIELE ESW 7010 obsidian black New -3%
14 cm high gourmet warming drawer without handle for preheating crockery, keeping food warm and low..
AU$ 1,649 AU$ 1,600
AEG BPK742320M -5%
Introducing your new sous chef. Your new tool in the search for the juiciest rack of lamb, the most ..
AU$ 1,649 AU$ 1,567
AEG HK874400FB -5%
80cm MaxiSense™ Induction hob with Stop+Go feature. Significantly extended cooking options, with ..
AU$ 1,399 AU$ 1,329
AEG BSK892330M SteamPro Sous Vide + FREE 3 pairs of telescopic rails -5%
Every meal should be an experience. With that in mind we created the SteamPro oven. It has three coo..
AU$ 2,599 AU$ 2,469
The induction cooktop with Frying Plus, you get a perfect frying result with automatic temperature c..
AU$ 1,349
AEG KMK761000M -5%
A succulent roast chicken, a creamy Dauphinoise, a rich beef casserole - all achieved in just half t..
AU$ 1,899 AU$ 1,804
Main facts Handleless door / automatic door opening Continuous flow heater means no waiting time a..
AU$ 5,349
MIELE H 7440 B graphite grey -3%
Compact oven in perfectly combinable design with LED lighting and PerfectClean. Large clear text d..
AU$ 3,149 AU$ 3,055
DESCRIPTION Scotch brite stainless steel AISI 304 Perimeter suction Tempered black or white glass..
AU$ 2,499