GAGGENAU BA 056 133 New
Please review your owner's manual to see if this item is compatible with your appliance For use wit..
AU$ 799
GAGGENAU BA 056 115 New
Please review your owner's manual to see if this item is compatible with your appliance For 24" (60..
AU$ 549
Electrolux KBV4X Vacuum drawer The Vacrol Vacuum from Electrolux offers unlimited opportunities t..
AU$ 2,999
Heating drawer Keep it warm or reheat it in the warming drawer - or you can preheat the plates fo..
AU$ 1,049
Built-In Dishwasher, AirDry Drying System No matter what you put in your dishwasher - from the bi..
AU$ 1,949
AEG BPK742320M -3%
Introducing your new sous chef. Your new tool in the search for the juiciest rack of lamb, the most ..
AU$ 1,599 AU$ 1,551
AEG HK874400FB -3%
80cm MaxiSense™ Induction hob with Stop+Go feature. Significantly extended cooking options, with ..
AU$ 1,299 AU$ 1,260
AEG BSK892330M SteamPro Sous Vide + FREE 3 pairs of telescopic rails -3%
Every meal should be an experience. With that in mind we created the SteamPro oven. It has three coo..
AU$ 2,599 AU$ 2,521
The induction cooktop with Frying Plus, you get a perfect frying result with automatic temperature c..
AU$ 1,349 AU$ 1,309
AEG KMK761000M -3%
A succulent roast chicken, a creamy Dauphinoise, a rich beef casserole - all achieved in just half t..
AU$ 1,899 AU$ 1,842
MIELE DA 6698 W Puristic Edition 6000 cleansteel EXTERNAL -2%
Wall mounted cooker hood with energy-efficient LED lighting and touch controls for simple operation..
AU$ 3,649 AU$ 3,576
AEG KMK721000M -3%
Combination microwave with grill, for optimum results Crisp up a crust at the touch of a button wit..
AU$ 1,749 AU$ 1,697
Genuine Miele multi-purpose tray with PerfectClean finish. As a drip tray for meat juices/fat from..
AU$ 249 AU$ 244
The FlexInduction hob allows you to place multiple pots and pans or large cookware anywhere on the f..
AU$ 1,849 AU$ 1,794
FUNCTIONS: Gross capacity: 79 lt Net volume of the cavity: 70 l Automatic end cooking program Mi..
AU$ 1,599