AEG HK365407XB

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AEG HK365407XB

OptiFit® ceramic hob with Stop+Go.

Precise touch control
The electronic touch controls react quickly and accurately, ensuring precise heat selection.

Maximise your cooking options
This hob has both an extendable zone and an oval multipurpose zone, so you have much wider choice over the size or shape of the pots and pans you use.

Intelligent AutoMax function
Automax brings the zone up to the boil and then will reduce it to the pre-selected powerlevel for the remainder of the cooking time.

Total control over cooking time
The adjustable timer (max. 99 minutes) will remind you of the cooking time. It can also be used as a minute minder when the zones are not in use.

Maximum flexibility during the cooking process
The Stop+Go function reduces all zones to a 'keep warm' setting if cooking is interrupted. Return to cooking, Stop+Go remembers the previously selected setting.

Perfectly safe for your children
The child safety lock ensures that the hob settings cannot be accidentally changed, so you can use the hob safely when your children are around.
Installation width 60 cm
Size 576 x 516 mm
Weight 7,84 kg

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