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Induction hob with innovative features for more flexibility when cooking.
Thanks to touchSlider operation, the temperature is controlled by tapping or swiping directly on the control scale with just one finger.
Shorter heating times with up to 50% more power - powerBoost function.
Switches off the cooking zone safely - timer with safety shutdown.
Cooking even more energy-efficiently - energy consumption display.
Cooking faster, cleaner and safer - power induction.

Professional equipment
Roasting sensor with 4 temperature levels
Facet design, blackSteel
5 induction cooking zones
Digital function display
Timer countDown Function
17 power levels
Environment and safety:
Pot detection powerManagement function Automatic safety shutdown Childproof lock Wipe protection function
2-level residual heat display per cooking zone
Main switch
Energy consumption display
powerBoost function possible for all induction cooking zones
Performance and size:
Kochzonen: 1 x Ø 180 mm, 1.8 kW (max. Powerstufe 3.1 kW) Induktion; 1 x Ø 145 mm, 1.4 kW (max. Powerstufe 2.2 kW) Induktion; 1 x Ø 240 mm, 2.2 kW (max. Powerstufe 3.7 kW) Induktion; 1 x Ø 145 mm, 1.4 kW (max. Powerstufe 2.2 kW) Induktion;1 x Ø 210 mm, 2.2 kW (max. Powerstufe 3.7 kW) Induktion
Installation dimensions: (H / W / D) 51 mm x 750 mm x 490 mm
Unit dimensions: (W / D) 812 mm x 520 mm
Connected load: 7.4 kW
Min. Worktop thickness: 30 mm
Installation width 80 cm
Size 812 x 520 mm
Weight 18 kg

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