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Compact and easy to control for more cooking space
Touch control is designed to be as compact as possible without compromising its legibility, and will provide more space for your creativity in cooking.

Direct access to all controls - thanks to the panel on the hob
The controls of this cooktop is designed so that they were always immediate and easy access. Just reach out and make adjustments.

Always know exactly which zone is still hot
With this sophisticated hob with residual heat kontrolkám always know exactly which areas are still hot.

Protect your children against unintentional starting hob
This cooktop is equipped with sophisticated safety lock that prevents your children to inadvertently switched on one of the cooking zones. Turn one can touch.

This ceramic cooktop surface is easily cleaned. Simply wipe and you're done.

The various installation options your cooktop wherever you want
As this is a separate hob, you have more flexibility in its installation, anywhere you want. Place it in a way that suits your style of cooking.

An independent board with its own control
Touch Control
Illuminated indicators
Front left zone: Hilight - rapidly heating up, 2300W/210mm
Rear left zone: Hilight - rapidly heating up, 1200W/145mm
Front right zone: Hilight - rapidly heating up, 1200W/145mm
Rear right zone: Hilight - rapidly heating up, 1800W/180mm
Child Safety Lock
Security panels: Auto power off
Residual heat indicators: 7 segments
Easy installation
Main color: Black
Installation width 60 cm
Size 576 x 516 mm
Weight 7 kg

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  • Brand: Electrolux
  • Product Code: EHF6240XXK
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