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Move directly to the ideal temperature - or simply touch it
With its intuitive slide controls you can touch or drag your finger to select the perfect temperature with a single smooth motion.

Completely intuitive - simply touch and move
This cooktop is equipped with control DirectAccess, which offers a completely intuitive way to adjust the level of cooking - just touch and move directly to the correct settings.

A great place for your oval fish pan
Captures your ambitions regarding seafood dishes. The oval area to prepare a great fish-friendly and ensures uniform thermal performance under your pelvis to the fish.

Direct access to all controls - thanks to the panel on the hob
The controls of this cooktop is designed so that they were always immediate and easy access. Just reach out and make adjustments.

Pause cooking - and then go in it - one touch
Sometimes you need to turn away from cooking. Use the Stop + Go to suspend the process of cooking with one touch - and starts again with the same settings.

With energy saving timer EcoTimer automatically every time you cook
Timer EcoTimer for you conserve energy so that the hob off and the remaining time to complete the food use of residual heat.

An independent board with its own control
Plate with chamfered edges
Instant setup: touch shift control technology
Illuminated indicators
Front left zone: Hilight - rapidly heating up, with three circuits, 800/1600/2300W/120/175/210mm
Rear left zone: Hilight - rapidly heating up, 1200W/145mm
Front right zone: Hilight - rapidly heating up, 1200W/145mm
Rear right zone: dual circuit oval Hilight - rapidly heating up, 1500/2400W/170x265mm
Automatic rapid heating
STOP and GO ryhlé to stop and restart the zone
Lock functions.
Child Safety Lock
Security panels: Auto power off
The audio signal with the function off
Of adding Timer
Time function EcoTimer ™
Time functions
Function CleverHeat ™
Easy installation
Main color: Black
Installation width 60 cm
Size 590 x 520 mm
Weight 7,94 kg

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